Youth Karate

Youth Karate in Irvine

Youths have a lot of energy and if not channel correctly, it could put them in difficult situations. Our Youth Karate Program in Irvine is especially designed to help our youth stay in touch with their bodies. Through traditional Karate’s teaching and training methodology, we help our teenagers channel their energy productively and offer new skills in dealing with the stress of school and social pressures.

Benefits of training at Tajik Karate Academy in Irvine:

  • Karate develops self-control
  • Karate develops patience
  • Shotokan Karate develops courage
  • Martial Arts develops self-confidence
  • Our Classes develop strength and flexibility
  • Traditional karate promotes calmness and concentration
  • Training regularly reduces stress and promotes a positive attitude toward our day-to-day life

Karate is very important when taught to youth in a constructive and well-supervised environment. We show them how to focus their energies into productive routines that build the mind and body in a positive way. Karate provides an environment where they can lay aside distractions and be at peace among their peers and other Karateka.

Our martial arts program centers on self-discipline, focus and self-confidence. The physical activity aspect will also help with their overall fitness. Specially coordinated activities will build teamwork skills and increase their overall leadership skills, helping them become mentally stronger and more confident young adults.

Our karate program for youth is well equipped to meet their goals in all areas of your life. Whether your teenagers are looking to get in better physical shape or learn self-defense techniques or they are training for a competition or sports event, visit Tajik karate Academy to experience our positive environment.

Youth Karate

Agility & Strength

Learning Karate from a young age physically trains youth so that they become more coordinated and agile. Through Karate training youth develop strength, both mentally and physically, agility as well as a sense of confidence.


Give your youth the gift of a healthy and beneficial training system. As they progress in their training, they will also nurture a strong habit of disciplined action and an ability to focus on the task at hand.

Self Esteem

As youth progress in their training they reap the rewards of their discipline and efforts. This ingrains the relationship between methodical effort and reward as well as pride in their own progress seeing their own progress and improved skills over time.

Self Defense

Self defense is a combination of confidence and the ability to physically defend oneself should the need arise. Youths that are confident in their own abilities are less likely to engage in fights and aggressive behavior.

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