Tajik Karate Academy is the home of youth martial arts classes in Irvine. We also offer adult karate and self-defense classes for all ages as well as special training personalized karate and martial arts training for individuals and corporate teams. At Tajik Karate Academy, you receive personalized attention. Our students enjoy themselves as they progress and advance in their training. Focus, discipline and fun come together as our Dojo family shares in each individuals personal success.

Karate has many benefits for everyone, at any age, but especially for our youth. It helps to develop patience, courage, self-confidence, self-control, strength, flexibility, calmness and concentration. It reduces negative or violent attitudes by developing one's own self-esteem. For adult karate students, additional benefits include lowering blood pressure, increasing mobility and stress relief.

Families that study at Tajik Karate Academy also find this shared and common interest brings parents and children together. Group activities, such as Group Kata develop team work skills and awareness of working within a co-operative environment.

Visit us at Tajik Karate Academy in Irvine and see our beneficial and positive environment for yourself. Karate strengthens and brings everyone together.

Why Choose Karate?

Karate trains the mind, body and spirit. Become more and more self-assured as you see your own skills develop and you recognize your progress as your Karate training advances. In Karate, there is a direct relationship between results and consistent training. Tajik Karate Academy supports our students at every stage of their development.


Traditional Karate emphasizes self-development: consistency, perseverance, bravery and virtue. Consistent Karate training develops your skills and brings many health benefits. However, one of the most important benefits that Karate offers is Self-Discipline. At Tajik Karate Academy we emphasize discipline as a cornerstone of our foundation.


Karate can be an intense cardiovascular workout for all age groups. It can lower blood pressure, increase flexibility, reduce stress and bring calmness to one's mind. Each Karate training session varies with every class. This creates a work out schedule that is always challenging, avoids training plateaus and escalates fitness over time.


Karate is a practical martial art. Self-defense skills need to be learned and practiced. Going to the Gym may help build muscle but Karate offers the ability to effectively overcome adverse situations in practical terms. Develop your ability to focus under pressure. Learn skills and techniques to protect yourself and your loved ones at Tajik Karate Academy,

Tiny Tigers
Mon-Fri 04:30-05:10PM

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Youth Karate
Mon-Wed-Fri: 05:10-06:00PM

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Adult Karate
Mon-Wed 06:00-07:00PM

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Family Karate
Fri 06:00-07:00PM

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Alex Tajik

Coach, Founder
Former National Team Coach.
Former National Team Member.
USA Certified Coach.
Asian & Pacific Gold medalist.

Karate Assistance

Mike Rohei

Karate Assistant
Instructor for our Youth and Tiny Tiger Karate in Irvine program.

6 years of experience in teaching Karate.

RANK: Black Belt

Sareh Tajik

Karate Assistant

Tiny Tiger program instructor.
She has 6 years experience.

RANK: Black belt.

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