Family Karate

Our Family Karate Classes at Tajik Karate are a great way to bring the entire family together in a fun way. When the whole family learns karate together in our family class, everyone benefits because the adults and the kids all must work together to grow and learn together.

The valuable life skills that the family learn are beneficial as a family and the knowledge gained permeates to other aspects of life in the family. Here are benefits of learning martial arts as a family

  • The family program is important as a form of family bonding time where they get to know each other better
  • Children are more likely to reach black belt level when they train with and are supported by their family
  • It is time efficient for the family to all train at the same time
  • It is also an opportunity to meet like-minded families like yours

Our instructors are very experienced and will ensure that everyone in the family gets the most out of the Family Program. We invite you to be part of this opportunity to learn martial arts and bond with your family.

Sign up today for the Tajik Karate Academy’s Family Program and we will send you updated information about when the next class starts.