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Tajik Karate Academy

The Tajik Karate Academy is the home of kids and adults’ martial arts classes in Irvine. We also offer self-defense classes for all ages as well as special trainings for corporations. At Tajik Karate Academy, you are sure receiving personalized attention that helps structure a routine to your training that is sure to bring results.

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Why choose Karate?

Training Programs

Through a variety of fun and creative activities, young children will develop coordination, strength and personal safety skills in a well supervised setting.

Karate skills put children in touch with their bodies and helps build coordination, agility, strength and poise as well as personal safety skills all in a well supervised setting. Karate can release tensions brought on by school and peers.

You might ask yourself why choose karate as my Martial Arts Path. Here in Tajik Karate Academy we got the answer to your question.


We provide training for everyone in your family so karate time can be family time! We also customize our adult martial art classes in Irving to cater to group sessions for friends and corporate bodies in Irving.


Our Instructor

Alex Tajik

Alex Tajik

Coach, Founder

Former National Team Coach.
Former National Team Member.
USA Certified Coach.
Asian & Pacific Gold medalist.
International Certified Coach by (World Karate Federation).

Karate Assistance

Mike Rohei

Mike Rohei

Karate Assistant

Instructor for Youth and Tiny Tiger program.He has 6 Year experience. Black belt.

Sareh Tajik

Tiny Tiger program’s instructor .She has 6 Year experience. Black belt.

People About Us

Our two boys have been in karate classes at Tajik Karate Academy for almost two years. They enjoy going to their practice classes. They say they learn something new every day. Sensei Alex is very nice and accommodating. We’ve looked for other karate classes in the town which are way too expensive compare to Tajik Karate Academy. Never had any issues about the schedule and even make up classes. We would say this is the best academy in town.

Maninder B.

Our son started going to Tajik Karate Academy on April 2013, and since then he just loves going there, Sensei has been such an excellent role model for him, he is very patient, kind, and he truly enjoys teaching karate to the kids. It is such a joy to see our son blossom into such a great young man. Thank you Sensei Alex for all your support. God bless you always.

Tala R.

My son has been taking Karate here for 9 months in a really loves it. His self confidence has grown and he’s doing great. We have tried other karate places but like this one best. I find the program is well designed and the friendly teacher knows how to motivate and inspire kids. Alex is awesome!

Alex S.